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    We know that your heart felt messages of love or your memorial for a loved one need to be as timeless and sincere as your feelings. That is why we take them to the mightiest and most immovable place on earth – Mount Everest. Each message is engraved on a stone with all the care that you would take yourself, in any language. Your message can take the form of a design, a verse, or however you want, to express yourself. Sherpa master engravers carry out the work and then the stones are transported by Yak to the slopes of the mountain.


    Tibetans have been placing ‘Mani’ stones on the slopes of the Himalayas for centuries in sacred rituals and now you too can have a lasting memorial or joyous message of love placed on the side of earth’s tallest mountain, where it will remain, forever. And as a bonus a portion of our proceeds is donated to a local monastery who uses it to take care of poor families in the area.

    Mani Stones

    Your message written in stone.

    The Mani stone has been used for years in Tibet to send prayers and messages to the Gods. Inscriptions, designs or both are engraved on the stones before they begin their journey up the mountain in a way that has not changed in centuries.


    Unique Everest

    Finding a fitting resting place for a loved ones ashes is something that many families spend a lot of time thinking about. At Extraordinary Everest we believe that a final resting place on the world’s mightiest mountain is the ultimate tribute to a loved one. The majesty of the mountain and the timelessness of the heavens above make this a unique and inspiring place where the mountain reaches up to touch the sky.

  • Our Reviews

    Some of the personal stories people have shared with us

    Wedding Gift

    I heard about Extraordinary Everest from a friend and the idea immediately caught my imagination. My wedding was coming up and I wanted to do something really special to mark the day and to really show my new wife what she and our marriage meant to me. Neither or us are mountaineers, but the idea of a permanent  physical reminder of our wedding day on the most majestic mountain in the world really appealed to me. Just like our marriage it would be there through sun and rain snow and ice and all weather, enduring forever. I am now working on my inscription for the stone that will be carved for me. Great Idea!  Thanks Extraordinary Everest.


    Joe C.

    For a birth

    When our baby girl was born I just couldn’t find a way that seemed big enough to mark the occasion and to adequately portray how I felt about being a mom for the first time. I planted a little tree in the yard but that didn’t seem enough somehow. That was when a friend mentioned Extraordinary Everest to me. I looked into it and I realized that this was what I had been looking for - something permanent and big, magnificent and immovable - Mount Everest. The prefect place for an engraved stone with my new daughter’s name to placed, on the side of the world’s highest mountain, forever!


    Samantha K.


    Valentines day was coming up and I was desperate to find something that would show my lovely fiancé, whose birthday is also on February 14th just how much she meant to me. She is a great outdoor enthusiast and loves rock climbing. When I heard about Extraordinary Everest I knew that was the perfect way to show her how much I loved her. I know that our love will last forever just like the special inscription on the stone that will be placed for me on the slopes of Mount Everest by Extraordinary Everest. Perfect!


    Adam E.



    When dad died we thought about different places to scatter his ashes and really could not agree on anything. It was then that I saw an advert about Extraordinary Everest and that was a real light bulb moment. Dad loved the outdoors. He was not a mountain climber and he never visited Everest but I know that he was in awe of the power of nature, he taught all his kids that. Here was nature’s biggest statement on the planet. It was the perfect place for a permanent reminder of a dad who had meant so much to so many people.


    Lisa T.


  • Yak Express

    The stone you buy will be transported to the mountain by Yak. Where there are no roads there are these guys. Swipe right to find out more.

    Hand Engraved

    Each Stone is engraved by our Master Craftsmen. Time and care are taken on creating your unique stone.

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